Sainte Chapelle, Ile de la Cité, Paris, France.

watashisan said: (9:) Winter or summer and favorite things in that season. (12:) If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?

First 9: I love the summer for the holidays,I like the smell of flowers and the sunny afternoons.I like the winter for its melancholic and dreamy side and for the reading mood.12. I wish my wishes to materialize :)


Leaf Canopy in Fall by Batikart on Flickr.

Special thanks to marquise-de-pompadour and watashisan
image :D from David and me :D

Answer all these questions:

Name: Veronica

Nickname: Ronnie
Birthday: 11 of June

Gender: female

Sexuality: bi

Height: about 159cm

Timezone: GMT +3

Time and Date: 2:51 a.m 30.08.2014

Average hours of sleep: 7/8h

Last thing I Googled was: Orphan Black Helena

Most used phrase(s): “Da fuck” , “OMG” and many bad words

First word that comes to mind: Franco,lol

Last thing I said to a family member: Do you like Tom Bateman? (to my sis)

One place that make me happy and why: a hideous nook isolated from the crowd in the presence of…

How many blankets do I sleep under: one

Favorite beverage: tea and beer

Last movie I saw in theaters: Grand Hotel Budapest

Something I plan on learning: to improve in yoga,improve my languages,learning about some more artists,more historical characters

Piece of advice to my followers: Remember that everything changes and change only makes us stronger.

You all have to listen to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OrmkE2DSB0 I found it 5 months ago and somehow I felt its meaning clearly this summer.

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marquise-de-pompadour said: Yannik, Antonine and Cesare :D

Wed-Antonine,Bed-Yannik,Behead-Cesare :D

marquise-de-pompadour said: Max Irons,Tom Bateman and Aneurin Barnard, :)

Wed-Max,Bed-Aneurin,Behead-Tom (sorry he is yours,sis :) )

Anonymous said: Henry VIII,Thomas Boleyn and Rodrigo Borgia?

Kill them all

marquise-de-pompadour said: Stannis,Davos and Balon Greyjoy

Behead-Balon Greyoy,Wed-Stannis,Bed-Davos

30 creative questions for your followers to message you.
1: Where do you want to live when you're older if you get the chance?
2: Who do you miss right now?
3: What's the best pet you have ever had?
4: Have you ever been in love? If yes describe
5: If you could do anything good for someone what would it be and for who?
6: Where would your dream home be located and how would it be like?
7: If you could spend the rest of your life with someone starting from now who would it be?
8: If you had a baby what would you name it?
9: Winter or summer and favorite things in that season.
10: What would your perfect trip be like and where would it be?
11: Favorite book?
12: If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?
13: Rainy days indoors with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand or hot summer days at the beach?
14: What is the most lucky thing that has ever happened to you?
15: Favorite ice cream flavor/combo?
16: Do you workout? If yes do you have a routine? Describe
17: What was the first thought when you arrived at school the day you went back? (or what will it be when you do)
18: Books or movies?
19: Best movie you have ever watched?
20: What's the motto(s) you live by?
21: Favorite item in the whole world?
22: If you could buy one thing right now, no matter the price, what would it be?
23: Do you like art?
24: Girls: How would you like to be proposed by the man of your dreams?
Boys: How would you propose the woman of your dreams?
25: Long or short hair?
26: Favorite singer/band?
27: Who's your role model?
28: Do you like Nicholas Sparks' movies?
29: Describe how school makes you feel in a GIF
30: If you could meet any famous person in the world (1) who would it be and why?