15th century ring found in Raglan 

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01.) If you can live in any location during any period in history, where would you be and what year is it? The Elizabethan & Victorian England and XVI century Italy 

02.) What’s your favorite mythical/fantasy animal? Unicorn & Dragon

03.) What song/music is stuck in your head at the moment? (there’s gotta be SOMETHING you’re humming!) Mumford and Sons - Awake my soul,Pink - Boring;

04.) Favorite planet in our Solar System? Venus

05.) If you had a choice of ANY flavor of ice cream, what would you choose? Blueberry or Watermelon

06.) What time of day do you usually check tumblr? (not ALL THE TIME, I hope?? ;P ) Often enough to make me check it with any device that has an internet connection 

07.) Do you have any phobias? If so, what are they? Phobia from lightings,earthquakes and usually I am much afraid someone would go into my room kill me while I am sleeping

08.) Welcome to my cafe! Coffee or tea? And what flavor will it be?  I don’t drink coffee.Tea - Roibos,Pomegrenate & Mint any tea with ginger in it.

09.) What is your opinion on Rule 34 (if it exists, there’s porn of it)? I have considered that such thing is totally possible

10.) Pick a class: Mage, Fighter, Sword, or Healer?
Mage-Healer who takes wisdom from all around to heal people and to make many magical tricks like transformation and etc.

11.) SERIOUS BONUS QUESTION: CESARE OR JUAN? (EVEN IF YOU DONT CARE, JUST PICK ONE!) Historically and in the show it would certainly be Juan Borgia (no matter how hot is Francois Arnaud in the skin of Cesare)


Refreshing green kiwi smoothie…RECIPE

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desdemonalovesmoon said: Ana Ularu or Melia Kreiling?

Melia Kreiling ;)

Outtake from Elle’s Vogue UK photoshoot